Lizenzen / rights

Hans Waal Die Nachhut

Germany (Aufbau Verlag) Taschenbuch, 7. Auflage
Spain (Lengua de Trapo) La Retaguardia


English, Dutch and Scandinavian rights available:

The Rearguard, novel, 331 pp

They come out of a shelter like ghosts from the past: Four Nazi officials who survived World War II below ground, on a territory that the Russian troops used as an exercise area. They are old, one of them is sitting in an improvised wheel chair and they believe the war is not over. Everything they see and hear is fit into their wartimes scheme, with the Russian enemy and the Allies invading their homeland Germany. Soon they turn into a media phenomenon, with journalists following them on their trip to Berlin, the Reichshauptstadt, and new Nazis worshipping them. Until they finally arrive and the story comes to a surprising end.

A chaplinesque satire with fantastic characters and hilarious dialogues, a surprise success in Germany throughout 2008.

English, Dutch and Scandinavian rights available:

UnderCover Literary Agents / Neusser Strasse 27-29 / D-50670 Köln / Germany

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